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The Beast of the Boulders

Some say he was abandoned at the wall as an infant and learned to climb before he could walk. Others believe he’s a shaved orangutan escaped from the zoo. And there are darker rumours yet which speak of a creature who roamed the rooftops of Lancaster many years before the wall came to the city.

However he arrived at The Lancaster Wall, the Beast of the Boulders has made a home amongst its crags and nooks. High in the gantries, climbers have found nests made of safety mat stuffing and lost shoes- though they know well not to disturb the beast’s bedding. Other than the surprising rate of banana theft from the café, there is little other evidence of the beast’s presence. Some climbers even doubt his existence.

But if, some day, you find yourself clinging to a particularly precarious overhang and you spot, in the corner of your eye, a shadow swarming up the wall, you will know that you have met… the Beast.

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