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What is Lancaster Lore?

We are an open-source folklore community and we’re on a quest to re-seed Lancaster with living stories rooted in every corner of the city. 

You can find our story plaques dotted around Lancaster or share your own myths by retelling an old folktale or creating something brand new. 

We want to nurture a living ecosystem of myths and legends told and re-told by local people and ultimately create a common imagined landscape which connects us as a community to each other and to this place. 


So far, hundreds of local people, from primary school children to authors, have contributed their own stories to Lancaster Lore. We’ve discovered Library Ghosts and Roundabout Trolls. We’ve re-imagined the Witches’ stories and re-told local black history. We’ve delved into the census records of the Mill Race slums and imagined creatures lurking in the depths of the Lune. Ultimately, Lancaster Lore is an experiment in local creativity so let’s see what it can become.

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Image by Andrew Hall
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