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Despite being set in a fictional Kent village, the classic 1945 film, Brief Encounter, was partly filmed at Carnforth Station. Over the years, visitors, locals and commuters have remarked upon a mysterious sense of melancholy which occasionally hangs over the platform like "a sort of miserable fog". It is also rumoured that, if you pass through the passageway between platforms at the right moment on a grey Thursday afternoon, you will hear the echo of Celia Johnson's desperate footsteps following you along the tunnel...

Briefer Encounter

by Michael Davies

(with apologies to Noel Coward)

At the station in Carnforth, they shot

Stolen moments with Trevor and Celia.

Coward’s moral? You can’t change your lot

Or the hand that Fate chooses to delia.

On the platform, our version was bad

(Like the Qatar decision by Fifa).

For the kiss, only seconds we had:

Than the film, our Encounter was Brifa

Michael Davies    © 2023

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