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The Barefoots of Bowerham

Once upon a time, the innocent quarter of Bowerham was a vibrant region of Lancaster. It owed It’s thriving community to a tribe of extraordinary barefooted nomads. Called by outsiders as simply the Barefoots of Bowerham, they were known affectionately by those in the community as the Queer Wanderers - a tribe whose spirits shimmered in the colours of the rainbow, a living testament to strength and beauty. These extraordinary people were known far and wide for their unique way of life and their deep connection with the land.


Legend had it that these nomads were descendants of a mystical lineage, blessed with the ability to communicate with the spirits of nature. They possessed an innate understanding of the earth's rhythms, harnessing its energy to guide their footsteps and shape their destiny. It was said that their bare feet, calloused and weathered, allowed them to absorb the wisdom of the soil beneath their soles. The Queer Wanderers were a close-knit community, living in harmony with the natural world that surrounded them. Their humble dwellings were built from materials found in the local park, and their clothes were woven from fibres taken from the many naturally-occurring bus shelters. Every aspect of their existence was rooted in respect for the Earth, and they viewed themselves as guardians of its secrets. These nomads embraced a life of freedom, unburdened by societal norms and expectations. Their bare feet danced upon the paths of Lancaster, leaving imprints of love and acceptance wherever they roamed. They embodied the belief that one's identity should be celebrated, not hidden, and their love for each other radiated like a beacon in the darkness.


However, their tale took a tragic turn as a cloud of hatred descended upon Bowerham. A wave of prejudice and ignorance swept through the town, targeting the Queer Wanderers with cruel intentions. Those who opposed their existence sought to extinguish their vibrant spirits. They burned rainbow flags and bootcut chaps, stole motorbikes and glitter. Even the gay clubs introduced a no-barefoot policy.

Despite facing unimaginable adversity, the Queer Wanderers refused to yield. They stood defiantly, with gender-neutral toilets and Eurovision parties, intertwining their stories with the tapestry of Lancaster's history. Their voices echoed through the streets, reminding the town that love should be cherished in all its forms, and shoes have always been optional. In the face of persecution, the Queer Wanderers displayed remarkable resilience. They organized secret gatherings under the moonlit sky, where they shared stories of hope and support. They nurtured the flame of their community's spirit, preserving their traditions and values amidst the darkest of times.

Sadly, the Queer Wanderers were unable to withstand the relentless onslaught. Their numbers dwindled, becoming confined to “safe spaces” and the occasional covert coffee-shop exchange, and eventually, their barefoot footsteps vanished entirely from Bowerham's streets. Their presence brutally wiped out, they left only a void in the hearts of those who understood and appreciated their enchanting existence.


Yet, there are whispers that the Queer Wanderers' spirits still linger, occasionally glimpsed by those who are open to their magic. Some say that on moonlit nights, when the town is hushed in slumber, figures roam the outskirts of Lancaster, their footprints gently imprinting the earth. Those who have been fortunate enough to witness these ethereal beings claim that they emanate an aura of love and resilience. They serve as a fleeting reminder that even in the face of hatred and persecution, the spirit of the Queer Wanderers remains unbroken, weaving its way through time. They encourage the townspeople of Lancaster, and all who hear this tale, to nurture a community where love, regardless of gender or orientation, flourishes freely, and to celebrate the diversity that colours our world.

So, should you find yourself wandering the streets of Lancaster on a moonlit night, keep your senses keen and your heart open. For it is in these sacred moments that the spirit of the Queer Wanderers may reveal itself, leaving a mark upon your soul—a gentle reminder of the strength and beauty that resides within us all.

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