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The Lions at Dalton Square

If you ever find yourself in Dalton Square at midnight on a full moon, don’t be surprised if Victoria and her four lions are missing from their plinths. On such a night, for exactly two and a quarter hours, the statues have permission to stretch their legs and use the bathroom.

Victoria tries her best to control the lions with her sharp tongue and her long braided belt acting as a sort of lead. Unfortunately, the lions are often frantic for their walkies. Inevitably, all four manage to break loose. Poor old Victoria spends the rest of the night stamping her copper feet and wagging her copper fingers as the lions carry on terrorising the local cats, rummaging in the bins and leaving steaming piles of lion muck across the lawns.

By dawn, Victoria is delighted to return to the peace and quiet of her plinth. However, she can’t help remembering that the next full moon is less than a month away

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